17 December 2020
S1’s Chocolate Challenge

In English, after reading in Roald Dahl’s autobiography of a local confectioner sending chocolates to his school to sample, S1 pupils were inspired to write to chocolate companies around Scotland to offer their services as Expert Chocolate Tasters. They were delighted when three companies responded. Tunnocks; The Tobermory Chocolate Company and Iain Burnett, Highland Chocolatier from Pitlochry sent the class samples, whereupon each expert was to taste and to give their considered opinion. Words failed us to express the culinary delights of those lessons, but here is a very small ‘flavour’ of the responses:

Tobermory Chocolate Co

“I wouldn’t change a thing”

“It was like heaven in a chocolate”

“An amazing burst of flavours with an orange and tropical tease”

“The fudge snowman was chocolate paradise at the beginning followed by a taste of caramel crossed with fudge and a hint of coffee at the end”

Tunnocks Caramel Crème

“It’s just plain epic. I can’t describe it other than that!”

Iain Burnett’s

“‘The strawberry Velvet is the best chocolate I’ve tasted!’ - Seasoned chocolate tasting veteran – 2020”

“This is the flavour I have been dreaming about – the Velvet Praline”

So, if you are still looking for a last minute Christmas present, the S1’s might tell you where to look. And I bet you wish you were the teacher…


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